RE: Suburban 161109 OEM RV Water Heater Gas Control Valve

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RE: Suburban 161109 OEM RV Water Heater Gas Control Valve

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Last July, I encountered some troubles with my Suburban SW6D water heater, but after purchasing a couple of replacement parts, the issues were resolved. I had to replace both the Electrode and Burner/Orifice assembly, which seemed to restore the proper functioning of the unit. However, when I recently de-winterized my rig and turned on the propane, I detected a faint propane odor emanating from the water heater area.

To investigate further, I decided to employ a simple method using soapy water to detect any leaks. Upon spraying the fittings, I noticed a small bubble emerging from the Orifice of the burner. This led me to speculate that the solenoids on the Gas Valve might be deteriorating, potentially causing inadequate closure. Unfortunately, I was short on time and couldn't delve deeper into the matter.

Taking a proactive approach, I decided to order a new Gas Valve, specifically the "Suburban 161109 OEM RV Water Heater Gas Control Valve." To my relief, this replacement seems to have successfully resolved the issue I was facing. I hope this information proves helpful to others who may encounter similar concerns with their Suburban SW6D water heaters.

Overall, despite the initial complications and the need for component replacements, I appreciate the effectiveness of the Suburban 161109 Gas Control Valve in rectifying the propane odor issue. The improved performance and subsequent peace of mind have been reassuring. I would recommend considering this solution if you encounter similar difficulties with your Suburban SW6D water heater.

2002 Chinook Destiny 2400 XL Class B w/Chevy 8.1 Vortec Engine.
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