RE: Dometic RM3663 3-Way Refrigerator Issues

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RE: Dometic RM3663 3-Way Refrigerator Issues

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Hi All,

I'm having some major issues with my refrigerator, I never use it on propane as long as I had my RV. Always on electric, today I plug my RV into shore power and the GFI circuit turned the power off to the fridge after a few minutes. So I did a little trouble shooting to the best of my ability and none of the fuses to the "Dinosaur MICRO P-711" board were blown. I checked the 120VAC heating element with my multimeter to test whether or not it was bad. It read 36 Ohm's, I believe it should be around 42 or 43 Ohm's, so removed it and decided to purchase a replacement. Afterwards I removed the cover for the burner assembly an I was shocked at what I saw (see images). In your opinions does this look like it could be salvage? If I removed the rust, purchase a new BURNER, ELECTRODE & THERMOCOUPLE would it be worth it? I did not see any leakage from the unit, just rust. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: RE: Dometic RM3663 3-Way Refrigerator Issues

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I would not have changed the AC element due to a few ohm of difference, but it really depends on the condition. If the rest of the fridge is in good shape (no leak, good electronic and the coils are in good shape) then it maybe worthwhile to get the new parts to replace the rusted out components. Keep in mind that these are 20 yrs old, but I think if we take good care of it, 40% of them should last 30 or 40 yrs easily. Did you check to see if the fridge is in the recall list from Dometic? you may want to do the recall service too if you decided to get new parts.
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