1977 Coco Chinook - Chevy New motor, tires, etc. for Sale

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1977 Coco Chinook - Chevy New motor, tires, etc. for Sale

Post by lindyfly2021 »

1977 Chinook Concourse for Sale - $12,999 OR BEST OFFER
Coco on Youtube https://youtu.be/CaM1TUwpAUw
I bought Coco in 2019 and took her to the Chinook Homecoming Rally in Naches and a few other trips.
In between trips had lots of mechanical work done: all new tires, rebuilt the motor, replaced fuel lines, master cylinder, starter, battery, etc. Original 75,000 K with receipts for all repairs.
I'm out of the country and Coco is now at a friend's farm. So I've decided to sell Coco to finish renovating a cabin here. Hard Call - but I can't use her and don't want her to sit lonely longer. She is a wonderful tiny home.
Wish I could deliver her --- but she's a pick up yourself.
I'll be accepting only serious cash offers for Coco. Think you will enjoy the video I did when I first got her.
Coco on Youtube https://youtu.be/CaM1TUwpAUw
Coco on Craigslist https://spokane.craigslist.org/rvs/d/co ... 54745.html

Two 0 8 610 nine 113
"CoCo Chinook" Concourse 1977 Chevy Van
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