1998 Ford chinook

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1998 Ford chinook

Post by Steeldriver17 »

Unfortunately, I need to sell my Chinook. I've fallen on some tough times financially. The engine blew a few months ago and will need replaced. Doesn't run, will need towed. 1998, located in garrettsville, Ohio at my seasonal campsite.

Pictures can be seen in my thread here:

I'm not setting a price and will consider all reasonable offers. I know somebody on here will treat it right and am willing to give a deal to the right person. My loss will be your gain. So be it.
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Re: 1998 Ford chinook

Post by chin_k »

Sorry to hear what happened. You may want to get it on the facebook group to cast a broader net. Good luck.
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Re: 1998 Ford chinook

Post by DMG »

Does anyone know if this sold?
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