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Re: Replace refrigerator 2000 Concourse

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Thanks for the follow-up, deppstein. It's possible that I could have gotten mine out into the room past the L-shaped counter (I had the same model as you, stock). It looked really, really close - and since I still then had to get it out of the Chinook, I went the saw route instead of trying. I wasn't going to remove a window or bang up my woodwork just for a refrigerator I was getting rid of (new one came right in the door no problem). Anyway, that's good information because for your type of retrofit, one doesn't need to worry about whether it can be removed from the Chinook altogether.

To anyone who might consider having a compressor conversion from this company, my thoughts:

A compressor refrigerator (such as a Vitrifrigo, Isotherm, Nova Kool, and perhaps this company's too) is really just a box and a door built around a compressor. So the way I looked at it when I chose was as follows:

1) What size and shape will fit (Sure Marine has an excellent, sortable size comparison tool with many brands listed).
2) What compressor do they use?
3) Then which one do I like the door, latches, freezer size and layout, etc.

#1 is obvious. Find one that fits.

For #2, I only considered models using the Danfoss/Secop compressor (typically the BD35 or BD50, with the 50 going into around 5 cubic foot or larger, and the 35 that size or smaller). This way you are getting a known compressor, with lots of documentation, and a replaceable control module (regardless of refrigerator brand). There are also many troubleshooting guides (not that they are unreliable) and it's easy to get information (or even call Danfoss). Also, you can upgrade thermostats, change parameters, etc. (if you want to; they are plug and play if you don't).

Last I checked, Vitrifrigo, Isotherm, Nova Kool, and maybe some Norcolds (not sure though) use the Danfoss compressor.

For #3, for me what steered me to the Vitrifrigo was the size, the remote compressor (on the model I chose) and the completely flush face (one of my big goals was to get that giant blockade out of my entryway!). But each brand and model has its own plusses and minusses. Although the compressor is what actually makes it work, obviously things like freezer layout, hinges, latches, etc. are important for day-to-day use. Those can be a mix of objective (weak hinges) or subjective (what you prefer).

Just some things to think about and check into for anyone planning to convert to a compressor refrigerator, whether by the company deppstein went to, or any of the other ones.

There are places that do custom boxes (usually for marine use) but I didn't consider those since there were a few stock ones that suited the Chinook space just fine.
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