Replacing Rear Entry Door

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Re: Replacing Rear Entry Door

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I cant find one with a clear window, all have either no window or 'obscure' window. If anyone can suggest something I would be most appreciative!!!
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Re: Replacing Rear Entry Door

Post by Gabbi »

Mrs. Gabbi here again...

Thank you (Heal) for instructions on posting photos. Here are photos of the back door (Lippert) and the door label confirming the manufacturer. Maybe there is a model number in there...
Back door open.JPG
Back door closed.JPEG
Back door label.JPG
The window is the useless frosted one. Atwood (Lippert - AP Products) sells a replacement clear, tinted window assembly kit with integrated shade, but only with a black frame. Tweety's sells it as do others: ... shade.aspx

I will be emailing Lippert to see if the glass will work with our door window, but keeping the white frame.

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Re: Replacing Rear Entry Door

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As for changing from clouded to clear window, we ordered a clear replacement from Lippert Company which manufactured our replacement door. Due for delivery today. We will do the replacement as DIY.
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Re: Replacing Rear Entry Door

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Mrs. Gabbi here...

While Mr. Gabbi was out with one of our visiting daughters, I was home changing out the window with the other visiting daughter I had read from other folks that the written directions from Lippert were minimal (kind of useless)...and they were. But I watched a couple of YouTube videos a few weeks back and found that Lippert just released their own YouTube video for the window a couple of days ago.

Changing the window was easy peazy! The hardest part was loosening the old window and frame from the door because of the silicone (or other) sealant. A few gentle hits with a mallet worked wonders. The new frame is black, as as the Thin Shade. If I want I can change the frame to the old white one - not sure I will do that.

One other thing...raising/lowering the shade requires opening the back door. On my old camper the shade was inside the screen door. I may put something there if it is a problem.

As with my old camper - this window is the best mod ever!
Outside, away from camper.jpg
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Inside to out, shade partially down.jpg
Inside looking out, shade up.jpg
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Re: Replacing Rear Entry Door

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I am in the process of getting a new door from Lippert.
Alicia @ Lippert says they have a door, same as V00051931 but with clear glass, I will get a quote as soon as she gets the pricing on it, apparently it is a new item.

clear glass part number is V000666174, or will be, soon.

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Re: Replacing Rear Entry Door

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thanks for posting the part number
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