1978 Concourse restoration

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1978 Concourse restoration

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I recently purchased a 1978 Chevy G30 Concourse I believe.

The original floor plan was scrapped and it's now restored everything inside is portable and new interior floor etc.
The guy did a decent job.

So the engine is the Chevy 400 work horse with a th350 quadrajet 4 barell and 4:10 dually rear end.

My intention was to put a 6.2 aluminum LS and a 6l80e then upgrade the rearend to a 4:10 trutrack. Which I had was looking for the right van to put it in.

However I am really impressed with the 400 in it and ran across a sniper system cheap and a 700r4 be reasonable too.

So since this is now more or less just the Chinook shell. Does it make more sense to keep upgrading with the LS power trane.

Or modernize the 400 upgrade the trans.

I see it's potential with the LS and 6l80e. I have an 86 getaway high top I did a 6.0 4l80 and trutrack 4:10 rearend and it's an awesome ride now.

The Chinook has definitely grown on me. I know the G30 Chevys are rare.

Any input would be great. Where's the value?

The other possibility is the trans is from a AWD Yukon I am putting a Camaro tail shaft housing on so it works 2 WD.
But it's not much more to make it AWD later on.
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