Info on duell privacy shades

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Re: Info on duell privacy shades

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ok, i will have a look, or just call them and ask if they have any brochures with optional blinds.
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Re: Info on duell privacy shades

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We recently purchased a 2002 Chinook Concourse and experienced the window shades on the driver side (above the sofa-bed) will not stay up anymore. They were working fine, but last week-end when I raised them, they slowly slid down. Is there a trick, or do they need to be replaced? Or, I see that they can be re-strung....not too sure if we have the patience to do that! Just curious...
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Re: Info on duell privacy shades

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If the blinds are not staying in place, it usually means that you need more tension on the strings. There should be a bobbin on the wall where the strings mount, and you can take a wrap or two around the bobbin to increase tension until the blinds stays in place.
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Re: Info on duell privacy shades

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For those that don't want to restring themselves, I used Pat Miller in past and she did great job. 503-390-8681 "RV Shade Repair".
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