Where did everyone go?

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Re: Where did everyone go?

Post by chin_k »

FB is a great place for people with only short term memory. I have to say that it is a great business model, since you will need to repeat the same answer every other week.
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Re: Where did everyone go?

Post by JabberBox »

Right, its just a completely uncatagorized mess of random posts and chit chat. Not really a functional/usable database of topics a person could reference for specific information.
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Re: Where did everyone go?

Post by 68camaro »

I don't do Facebook or any other social media except for this forum and a few hobby forums. This site is too packed with info to go anywhere, I just hope it's profitable enough to keep going.

Regardless, I will be here for the long-haul or until I hit lottery and buy the EarthRoamer SX with the EarthCruiser as the tow vehicle - dang....how cool would that combination be!
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