Selling my 1998 Concourse

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Selling my 1998 Concourse

Post by rgmullins »

1998 Chinook Concourse. 82K miles
Excellent condition. Well maintained. I have the maintenance records and all of the original factory documentation. Everything works.

Many upgrades:
Anti-sway bars front and rear
New front brakes. Larger disks and calipers from later model Econoline for much better stopping.
Air Lift rear air suspension bags
Replacement dashboard radio with Bluetooth, DVD, and rear camera
Center console replaced with later model. Much more storage and beverage holders
Solar system completely upgraded. 100 watt panel. Morning Star solar controller
24” LED TV with DVD player. Runs on 120AC or 12VDC
All florescent cabin lights replaced with LED
Custom sink cabinetry. Triple the factory storage space.

You would be hard pressed to find a nicer Chinook at this price!

link to craiglist ad with pictures
Cincinnati, Oh
98 Concourse
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Re: Selling my 1998 Concourse

Post by Loveyachinook »


Wondering if you could tell us if you sold your Chinook on Craigslist, we don't see it posted. We actually have one for sale and have hesitated selling on Craigslist as when we were looking there were so many scammers out there.

Wondering if you would be kind enough to share your experience.

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Re: Selling my 1998 Concourse

Post by Nick111 »

It's been awhile since I visited this site, but we have been looking for a Premier or Concourse, early 90s to about 2000, and well cared for. Could anyone who has one for sale please contact us, either by replying or by calling my cell phone, 518-421-2968? Thanks!
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