1978 Chinook Towing

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1978 Chinook Towing

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I'm looking at purchasing a 1978 Chevy Chinook - there is a small bumper pull attached but i'd like to add a hitch to the frame and remove the rear bumper if need be. Has anyone done this with an older Chinook? Anyone with a Chevy Chinook have any experience towing? I hope to tow a car on a tandem trailer. Most of the older Chinooks I have come across are Dodge.
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Re: 1978 Chinook Towing

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I was hoping others might have some experience with this specific model, but in lieu of that, here is my take:

There should be a tag on the vehicle somewhere with gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR), and gross combined weight ratings (GCWR), the latter including a trailer.

Working out the difference between those as well as rear axle load limits should get you close to what the vehicle can tow. To know the rear axle load and limit, you need to have some idea what the vehicle itself weighs and what axle is in it (or if the plate gives a rating, even better).

Even if it doesn't have this and you can identify what vehicle it is, you can probably find similar models and get an idea.

Hope that helps a bit.
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