Brake assist systems

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Re: Brake assist systems

Post by Scott »

I trust you fellas patently, but I gotta say I've never needed more braking capacity in the Chinook. The rears crapped out in rural South Dakota, and the park brake didn't work until I rebuilt everything, but I've never had fading or a spongy pedal. Pretty sure the fronts are original. But I don't tow with it, so I can imagine that would influence things, possibly dramatically.
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Re: Brake assist systems

Post by Blue~Go »

I didn't have fading or spongy, it just felt like there were not enough brakes. The brakes were in fine shape though.

I had just come from an E-250 17' van (which apparently has the same brakes) and the difference was noticeable. My E-250 was about 6,500# fully loaded; Chinook is nearly 10,000# :? Maybe if I wasn't expecting it to be "not worse" than my E-250 it would have felt fine? A direct comparison always makes things more noticeable.
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Re: Brake assist systems

Post by calvin »

I'm towing my 2014 CRV using an RVi brake assist system. I'm very pleased, easy set up and much smaller profile than a Brake Buddy run a search fro RVi braking systems and check it out. Use the battery charging system to avoid having to remove any fuses during towing.
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Re: Brake assist systems

Post by daltonbourne »

A really great brake system for "toad cars" is the roadmaster 8700 invisibrake hidden power brake system. We installed it on our 2017 Jeep Wrangler, which we pulled behind our 40-foot engine trainer. The unit is so small that it doesn't take up much space under the driver's seat, it creates both air and vacuum to fully power my towed vehicle's brakes. The brakes progress so well that if I need to stop immediately, it hits the brake pedal and accelerates the brakes. Another great feature is that, while pulling, the battery is being charged!!!
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