Rear end type

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Rear end type

Post by FatBuoy »

Hi all-

I am considering swapping gears in my 2000 Concourse (1999 cut-away). I've put 235/85/16 tires on it and it has led to exaggerated gear hunting, so my thoughts were to switch to 4.56 gearing, which would approximately bring it back to how it was.

My understanding is that there are 4.10s in there and that its a Dana70. I called my shop and he needs to know EXACTLY which Dana70. The tag on the pumpkin is no longer there. Do we know if they were all created the same, and if so, which one they used specifically?
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Re: Rear end type

Post by BobW9 »

Assuming the driver door sticker is still there and readable, that will tell you. Check out the link below for full explanation.

I think most of us (I have 2000 Concourse same as you) have E2, Dana 70, 4.10 gear ratio, Limited Slip axle. That was also on a marketing blurb from Chinook I saw one time, so I'm thinking for a number of years they may have been ordering that same setup from Ford for their Concourses. ... r-sticker/
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Re: Rear end type

Post by dells2000con »

This is the tag on my 2000 Concourse (1999 cut-away) obviously I can't guarantee yours would be the exact same.
The casting mark indicates is a 70-2U
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Re: Rear end type

Post by Jlfchinook »

If you call a Ford dealer they can run your vin number and tell you which rear end was in your unit when shipped, unless it has been changed there records will be correct.
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