In Search Of Chinook Clock Replacement

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In Search Of Chinook Clock Replacement

Post by CaliforniaLG »

We gave a 2002 Destiny and want to replace the original clock (the owners left some very old batteries in the clock which totally messed it up and it no longer works). Anyone have one of these they would be willing to sell/off load - or an idea of one that works as a replacement that would screw on like the original?

Lauryn G
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Re: In Search Of Chinook Clock Replacement

Post by chin_k »

Clay has post a link for the replacement, so you may want to do a search on the forum.
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Re: In Search Of Chinook Clock Replacement

Post by caconcourse »

This is a clock that will fit, but I don't know about the vendor: ... nt-silver/ These are pretty much out of production, but were available for a while in silver and in white. I have a white one. For less than $20, I personally would give it a try. Seems to be a clearance warehouse that may have bought the remaining stock.

You can also replace the movement with a standard size square quartz movement. Just Google "quartz clock movement" and there are dozens of vendors. New movements are available with silent sweep if ticking bothers you. You have to make sure you order a movement with the shortest depth. Standard depth will interfere with the glass. I think the new movements may have different hand fittings, so you might have to include a new set of hands with the movement.

Good luck,
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Re: In Search Of Chinook Clock Replacement

Post by SMan »

I replaced the movement in the original clock on my 2004 Premier. (It was re-moveable) I think I picked it up at Hobby Lobby. It was around 10 bucks.
Steve aka SMan
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